Konferenz 2003


Jochen Ludewig, University Stuttgart, Germany

Opening by the Conference Chairman

Presentation Jochen Ludewig


François de Nazelle, QUALAS, Paris, France

The Product Pays, the Process Costs

Presentation François de Nazelle


Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institute, Merlin, Oregon, USA

On Extreme Programming



Ivica Vodová/Peter Prónay , Siemens Business Services s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia

Risks and Opportunities of Multicultural Co-operation

Presentation Ivica Vodová


Georges Schlegel, Swisscom Mobile AG, Bern, Switzerland

The Unbearable Lightness of Mobile Telecommunications or
What Comes First – Network or Services?

Presentation Georges Schlegel


Tim Lister, The Atlantic Systems Guild Inc., New York, USA

Risk Management is Project Management for Adults

Presentation Tim Lister


Panel discussion

What Risks Do We Face in System, in Software Engineering?
What Opportunities Can We Offer?

After the Conference The Audience Kent Beck Tim Lister, Hanneke and Karol Frühauf Jochen Ludewig, Chairman of the Conference Jochen Ludewig, Georges Schlegel François de Nazelle Monika Peterhans Helmut Sandmayr Ivica Vodová